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UNISON urges pensions regulator to press for stronger data safety

Move comes after outsourcing firm Capita was hacked, affecting information entrusted to it by hundreds of pension schemes

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UNISON urges caution over new pension scheme

Government’s new collective defined contribution pension scheme could help some public service workers, but shouldn’t erode the pensions of others

Third round of strike action to take place at Dundee University

Donate to the branch’s hardship fund to help members fight against pensions proposals

UNISON vows to fight against sustained attack on HE pensions

‘Defending pensions is about ensuring that we, and future generations, don’t retire into poverty’

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Blog: The great state pension rip-off

Cutting the relative value of the state pension is a false economy and likely to increase welfare support

Pensions update for ODPs

UNISON’s Pensions Unit for Members has been assisting some of our ODP members with Special Class Status (SCS) claims.

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Dismay at plans to make a university pension unaffordable

UNISON is concerned that many members won’t be able to afford to save for their retirement under proposed changes

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Blog: UNISON delivers stunning blow on exit payments

Head of local government Jon Richards looks back at the latest Westminster U-turn – this time, after a legal challenge to its unfair plans

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Government exit payment rethink will bring relief to millions of public sector workers

Flawed regulations threatened to blight the retirement of

Palestine: Is your pension invested in the occupation?

UNISON launches new guide on pension fund engagement and divestment from companies involved in the occupation of Palestine

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COVID reverses progress on financial equality

“When the country starts to count the cost of the pandemic, we can’t allow the burden to fall on women – again”

UNISON will continue to oppose ‘outrageous’ exit payment plans

The union repeats its criticism of government plans to bring in a cap on public sector exit payments

Limit on mega council pay-offs could cost middle-income workers thousands

Long-serving staff caught up in flawed government law

WASPI women at parliament

UNISON extends solidarity to women in pensions appeal hearing

Court of Appeal will decide on lost pensions for women born in the 1950s

The entrance of the Supreme Court

UNISON welcomes Supreme Court decision on ethical LGPS investment

Court overturns LGPS regulations banning investment decisions which aren’t in line with government foreign and defence policy