Jenrick plan to cap migrant workers would collapse care system, says UNISON

Instead of seeking solutions to serious problems, ministers are demonising migrant workers and seeking scapegoats

Government must apologise to care staff over ‘no jab, no job’ rule, says UNISON

Thousands of dedicated and experienced staff have been lost to the sector.

Photo of entrance to Salisbury district hospital, with ambulance in the driveway

The Health and Care Bill: All you need to know

The government made last minute amendments to the Health and Care Bill this week – changes that will hit the poorest the hardest. Here’s all you need to know and where things are at the moment

Don’t wait until it’s too late to bring back mask wearing and social distancing

Making mask wearing optional back in the summer was a mistake

New evaluation system should help government concentrate on delivering for social care, says UNISON     

Christina McAnea says reform needed to address gaping chasm between ministers’ pledges and the reality

Representation of people learning remotely

Coronavirus: online learning update

New resources available for health and safety reps and care workers at our dedicated site

‘I am not going to stop working’: on the care frontline during COVID-19

‘Everybody is worried about the virus. Carers are worried for themselves, and worried for our clients too’

care worker with elderly people

Health and social care ‘on its knees’

Report highlights devastating impact of short-term planning and long-term underinvestment in health and social care

Elderly woman with carer

Fragmented and fragile: it’s time to fix social care

New report argues that care workers are overlooked, undervalued and in desperate need of investment

Elderly woman with carer

Ministers must act now to stop social care crisis getting even worse

Lords report urges spending boost

When I went to Parliament and spoke up for care workers

UNISON member and care worker Nicole Stanfield Caile went to Parliament recently to put the case for care workers

UNISON conference makes the case for a ‘Workers’ Brexit’

Tories pushing the UK ‘towards a cliff edge’, Brighton delegates are told

Care sector ‘is vital for our society and our economy’

UNISON sets out priorities at successful first national social care seminar

UNISON comments on the NHS ‘rent a room’ scheme

This scheme looks like another dangerous experiment

Mencap to pay care workers minimum wage for sleep-ins

Mencap has agreed to pay care workers above the national minimum wage for sleep-ins, following a successful campaign by UNISON. The charity has been in dispute with UNISON over its failure to pay care staff the minimum wage when providing on-call night care. Some carers had previously been paid a flat rate of £25 for a […]