Coronavirus: online learning update

New resources available for health and safety reps and care workers at our dedicated learning site

Representation of people learning remotely

Health and safety resources

Coronavirus is, above all, a health and safety issue. From making the argument for PPE for key workers, to ensuring that members can work safely from home, the role of the health and safety rep has never been more important.

Working through our learning and organising team. UNISON has compiled some of the best online resources for our health and safety reps.

Some are particularly relevant to these times; some are more generally useful.

Virtual learning for health and safety reps during the coronavirus outbreak


Focus on care workers

This is a very hard time for many of our members, especially for those working in care homes or providing home care to the vulnerable.

On top of their own problems with PPE, they are often in the distressing position of witnessing the deaths of residents for whom they may have cared for years, and then expected to notify distraught relatives.

That’s always been part of the job – and it’s one that our members have always been used to carrying out with sensitivity and care – but the frequency and suddenness of COVID-19 deaths is something new, and challenging.

UNISON learning and organising has gathered together some links to signpost members to organisations who can help support them through bereavement and trauma.

Bereavement and trauma: useful resources for members in social care


Online learning for all

UNISON continues to add free online resources to our dedicated learning  website.

From refreshers on subjects as diverse as English, maths, and the menopause through the Wranx app, to Unionlearn’s new Learning At Home collection, you can find them all at