Christina McAnea

Blog: The hope Labour can bring

The party’s New Deal for Working People, planned with UNISON’s involvement, would make a huge improvement to working people’s lives

An election can’t come soon enough to bring the change the UK needs

Angela Rayner speech made clear why the UK would be better off with Labour

A Labour government is what working people need, says UNISON

Change needed after 13 years of declining living standards and harm to public services

Angela Rayner

‘Working people cannot afford 12 more years of decline’

After Labour’s success at the polls last week, deputy leader Angela Rayner talks exclusively to UNISON about her upbringing and what is really needed to fix the cost of living crisis

Labour Party Run to Rebuild graphics

Run to help Labour rebuild our communities

The Labour Party is looking to help keep workers win election as councillors – would you be interested in standing?

Angela Rayner chats to UNISON carers

This week, the deputy leader of the Labour Party sat down to listen to care workers about their working conditions and concerns

UNISON will stand up to ‘laddism and misogyny’ typified by Trump and Johnson

Dave Prentis speaks at UNISON national women’s conference

Angela Rayner: rebel with a cause

The favourite for Labour deputy leader tells UNISON’s women’s conference why lifelong learning is key

Angela Rayner

Education for all must be protected

Angela Rayner MP champions education at UNISON national women’s conference

What a start to the new decade!

In-sourcing, strike suspensions, maternity policy improvements and backing Keir Starmer for Labour leader – it’s been a busy month

Angela Rayner

UNISON backs Angela Rayner for deputy leader of the Labour Party

UNISON member and former union rep understands working people

Angela Rayner MP speaking

From a council estate to the Houses of Parliament

When Angela Rayner was growing up she went to her gran’s house for a bath on Sundays because her parents couldn’t always afford hot water.

She lived in a council estate in a home with no books and both her parents were on benefits. Now she’s shadow education secretary