PM’s policy wheezes are last desperate roll of the dice from a government on borrowed time

Christina McAnea tells Rishi Sunak to call an election and let the people elect a government that can put right the many wrongs of the past decade

Yellow diamond-shaped road sign with a black arrow indicating a sharp u-turn, pictured against a bright blue sky with light clouds

Tories ‘cannot be trusted’, after screeching economic U-turn

UNISON general secretary says there must be a general election now, as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt reverses many of the measures in his predecessor’s mini-budget

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: The Tory leadership race

These live debates have given us an unusual close-up of the Tories’ division, chaos and incompetence, and a front row view of their dying days in Westminster

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Concentrating on the issues that matter

As Boris Johnson continues to bluster amid Tory infighting and a vote of no confidence, UNISON will be using our national delegate conference to discuss the issues that really matter

Claims to be the party of the NHS enough to make the blood boil

Brexit must be sorted but not by crashing out of Europe

Tax cut for higher earners is absurd after years of austerity

Commenting on the announcement from Conservative Party leadership contender Boris Johnson that he would cut taxes for higher earners, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Boris Johnson has confirmed he cares about the wealthy few, rather than everyone who relies on public services. A cash giveaway for the richest earners is absurd after 10 years of brutal austerity that […]

PM’s end of austerity claim shows she’s out of step with the country, says UNISON

Dave Prentis comments on the Prime Minister’s speech to the Conservative Party conference

Harry Leslie Smith’s new book is an essential call to arms

The campaigner is urging everyone to help create a fairer society for all and reject a slide toward the past he remembers

Tory conference – more weasel words than workers’ party

Theresa May entered Downing Street three months ago promising to do things differently. She was going to stand up for working people. She was going to be on the side of ordinary families. It’s a trick new Tory leaders often deploy, but it’s never long before they show their true colours.

Theresa May: our union will continue to challenge and push our agenda

Today, we get a new prime minister: Theresa May – and our union will challenge where necessary but also push our agenda on the issues that matter

General secretary Dave Prentis with members at the police and justice conference

Prentis condemns government hypocrisy on facility time

General secretary pledges resources to police and justice staff as he addresses conference

Trade Union Bill proves the government is not on the side of working people, says UNISON

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis commenting on the publication of the Trade Union Bill.