The unsung heroes of policing

The Police Staff Week of Celebration and Recognition marks the vital contribution of UNISON members in keeping communities safe

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Police forces in England and Wales could face a £700m budget shortfall, warns UNISON 

Without more funding to plug these huge budget shortfalls, public confidence in the police will continue to fall. 

Police and justice conference

Delegates pass key motions to protect probation workers

Several key motions were passed at UNISON’s police and justice conference on providing security and support to members working in probation

MPs join UNISON in celebrating 20 years of the PCSO

Everyone agrees that the police community support officer is an ‘integral’ and much-loved part of the policing team – and we need more

Pioneers of community policing

To mark the 20th anniversary of the police community support officer, three PCSOs describe the pleasures and challenges of being the force’s ‘eyes and ears on the street’

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Portrait of Lee Middlemass

Probation on a pittance

Having survived a disastrous period of part-privatisation, UNISON members in the Probation Service are still undervalued and underpaid. Lee Middlemass is one of them

Magazine, UNISON people on the Magazine site.
Photograph of police officers and PCSOs in high vis jackets

UNISON police staff committee urges members to reject pay freeze

UK government seeks to impose a pay freeze on most staff – which, with inflation at 3.9%, effectively means a pay cut

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‘Now is the time – have your say on pay’

Securing fair pay for hard-working members is UNISON’s top priority, as general secretary urges members to make sure their voices are heard

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Police staff unions angered by employers’ offer of a pay freeze

A freeze would mean a pay cut in real terms, as inflation is rising by all measures

Police officers on a Glasgow street

UNISON praises police decision to retain COVID protections

The decision was taken by the National Police Chiefs Council for England and Wales and will help to safeguard operational capability

UNISON says probation reunification needs proper funding

The union was giving evidence to Westminster’s justice select committee’s inquiry into the future of the service

Police unions seek improvement of pay offer

Employers offer nothing to address ‘the ongoing scandal of low pay in our police forces’, says UNISON

Inside the hall during a UNISON conference

COVID sees remaining 2020 conferences cancelled

President and general secretary announce decision, with social distancing and health and safety concerns set to continue for some time

Police staff unions ask for 6.5% pay rise (England and Wales)

‘Police staff are working above and beyond’ says UNISON as claim is submitted

NPS confirms it cannot pay probation staff 2020 increment on time

Unions in England and Wales demand talks with the National Probation Service after it fails to get sign-off from the Treasury