Have your say on pay graphic

‘Now is the time – have your say on pay’

Securing fair pay for hard-working members is UNISON’s top priority, as general secretary urges members to make sure their voices are heard

Protect our food

In partnership with Steve Nash, a campaigner whose six-year-old daughter Joanna died of E Coli, UNISON handed in a petition of 216,938 signatures to the Food Standards Agency

Sheep grazing under a tree

Holding back the flood on food safety

Local government pledges continued campaign against privatisation and deregulation of meat hygiene service

Food Standards Agency ends four-year-long hiring freeze

Dozens of meat hygiene inspectors will be hired

More meat inspectors are needed following Russell Hume scandal, says UNISON

The FSA must act now and take on more directly-employed meat inspectors

We must keep meat safe and hygienic

As Christmas approaches, UNISON is highlighting the importance of keeping the meat we eat hygienic by making sure slaughterhouses continue to be inspected by well-trained state-employed meat hygiene inspectors and official veterinarians

Help to keep the meat on our plates safe

As the Food Standards Agency proposes loosening the regulation of meat, UNISON is working with change.org and the family of a food poisoning victim, to fight back

TTIP: A threat to the food on your plate

UNISON and War on Want have launch a new film highlighting the threat to our food posed by the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Scrapping meat inspectors could have deadly consequences says UNISON report

UK consumers face a heightened risk of food poisoning from chicken purchased in supermarkets and restaurants if independent meat inspectors are removed from slaughterhouses

Cut to pig meat checks poses danger for British banger

UNISON has blasted EU plans that could allow abscesses and tumours from sick animals to be included in the meat products that people eat

Mass rally for Northumberland car allowance scheme

Successful mass rally over Northumberland council car allowance scheme

Now is not the time to be cutting back on independent meat inspection

In the wake of the Horsemeat scandal, UNISON has written to the Chair of the Food Standards Agency, and FSA Board Members, to ask for a meeting to discuss the Agency’s on-going policy of de-regulating meat inspection in the UK. Now is not the time to be cutting back on independent meat inspection, which is what protects consumers from contaminated meat. Read more here…

UNISON welcomes reintroduction of meat inspection in cutting plants

Consumer confidence in meat products is very low after the horsemeat scandal, says UNISON

UNISON calls for reintroduction of meat cutting inspections

Consumers have been badly let down, says union, as horsemeat scandal continues to deepen

UNISON calls for reintroduction of official inspection in meat processing plants

UNISON has today called for the immediate re-introduction of daily independent inspections of meat cutting premises.