Pay pay pay

Protecting and increasing pay is vital to UNISON. We organise, we act, we win. But the work never stops. Get involved and let’s win together.

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Faith school staff forced into financial hardship by Church of England, says UNISON    

UNISON says Church of England must honour pledge over pay

Manchester healthcare assistants organising committee

Manchester NHS workers get back pay thanks to UNISON campaign

Healthcare assistants are re-banded after the union revealed that they were carrying out clinical tasks that were above the grade they had been hired on

graphic of a woman campaigning

UNISON launches new pay campaign role for activists

Similar to pensions champions, the aim is to build awareness and help get the vote out in future ballots and consultations

Christina McAnea

Blog: I urge members to make sure they have their say on pay

Scottish health members, together with those working for the Environment Agency, both provide vital services, which need to be properly funded

Strikers outside Smethwick Baths

Sandwell leisure workers strike to open new pay battle

Together with the GMB and Unite, the move comes after the council vowed to end the contract with Sandwell Leisure Trust in the wake of its decision to fire and rehire all staff

UNISON presence on a national demonstration

Join UNISON to take action on the cost of living crisis

The country is in the middle of a massive cost of living crisis and the government is failing to act – so join us in June to get the message across

arrow shooting up through a bag of groceries showing rising cost

Blog: UK government can – and must – act on cost of living

HMRC mileage rates are woefully out of date and sorting this out is just one way to help struggling workers

UNISON pay ballot of Care Quality Commission staff opens

CQC staff are key to the safety of hospitals, care homes and emergency services around the country.

Unions slam college employers over 1% pay offer

A one per cent pay offer is a joke – and not a funny one.

NEC hears how UNISON is preparing for a winter of action

The union is fighting across multiple sectors for members’ pay and conditions, with strike ballots and consultations

Have your say on pay graphic

‘Now is the time – have your say on pay’

Securing fair pay for hard-working members is UNISON’s top priority, as general secretary urges members to make sure their voices are heard

Fair pay for council and school workers

The forgotten frontline: council and school staff need a 10% pay rise

UNISON is calling for a 10% pay rise for all local government workers, as financial recognition for their commitment to public service

female cleaner in a hospital

A proper pay rise is crucial to keep the NHS running

Paying health staff is an investment, not a cost

Public money has been frittered away but NHS pay is a vital investment

The biggest cost for all of us will be if the government fails to invest in the NHS workforce