UNISON launches new pay campaign role for activists

Similar to pensions champions, the aim is to build awareness and help get the vote out in future ballots and consultations

graphic of a woman campaigning

UNISON has created a new activist position called ‘pay campaign contact’.

The new role is intended to be a special pay campaign workplace contact, who will receive information of UNISON’s pay campaigns and distribute it locally to members and non-members.

This network of contacts will hopefully increase the visibility of these campaigns, as well as recruit and build workplace organisation around the issues.

This should help to strengthen the union, get the vote out in future ballots or consultations, and maximise the organising and recruitment potential in UNISON’s pay campaigns. It is similar to the approach adopted several years ago with the creation of pension champions.

This is not a rulebook position and has no formal responsibilities within UNISON, but will, hopefully, be a great way to participate in the campaign and be an entry point into wider activism.

Branches will be able to record members who want to be a workplace pay campaign contact within WARMS, using code 109. They will then receive updates on pay campaigns for their sector/service group.