More pain for families as cost of living soars

Inflation still remains well above the government’s 2% target, says UNISON, and highlights difficulties for families

Prentis says MPs need to ‘get real’ on pay

Public sector workers struggling with pay freeze as MPs demand 32% pay rise for themselves

Living wage won at Huddersfield Uni

University agrees to boost lowest paid

London Met raises living wage early

UNISON wins early Living Wage rise for low-paid members at London Met university

University workers celebrate early rise in Living Wage

Balfour Beatty raises living wage at University of London now as partnership with UNISON develops

Public sector pay premium is a myth, says UNISON

Union says the latest data on pay differences between the public and private sectors takes information out of context

Why the living wage matters: Hugh Baird College

This is Living Wage Week, and UNISON is campaigning for a living wage for all its members

Living Wage week: Bolton College

Ashley Williams, a sports attendant at Bolton College, and college principal Marie Gilluley, explain why the living wage matters

Living wage rate increases

Both national and London Living Wage rates are to rise by 25p an hour

UNISON ramps up campaign ahead of Living Wage week

Union plans week of activity, including seminar and parliamentary event, to boost the fight for a living wage

UNISON calls for end to the pay freeze

Dave Prentis tells the government that the austerity agenda is causing economy to stagnate

UNISON submits pay claim for college staff

The union says that a pay increase is vital after last year’s freeze if support staff are not to suffer further falls in their standard of living