Join UNISON to take action on the cost of living crisis

The country is in the middle of a massive cost of living crisis and the government is failing to act – so join us in June to get the message across

UNISON presence on a national demonstration

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Last week, inflation hit a 30-year high. It’s no longer just gas prices or petrol prices that struggling families are having to worry about. The cost of living crisis is affecting every part of our lives and pushing more and more people into extreme poverty and hardship.

UNISON is calling on members to join the union and the rest of the union movement on a national day of action at events across the UK on Saturday 18 June.

Organised by the TUC, the national demonstration will culminate with a rally in Parliament Square and is an opportunity to tell the Westminster government that it needs to do more to support people through this financial maelstrom. But there are events happening across the UK.

As UNISON’s assistant general secretary Jon Richards said just last week: “Prices are racing ahead, leaving wages far behind. Struggling households can no longer make their money stretch to cover the basics. Wrong-headed tax increases this month have added to the misery.

“Ministers with little idea of living on a tight budget must do more to support hard-up families. That means boosting benefits and public sector wages to levels that will help families keep the wolf from the door.

“Above-inflation pay rises won’t just ease financial hardship for employees in the NHS, schools, care, councils and police. Decent wage increases will protect essential services too by ensuring experienced staff stay and new recruits keep joining.”

So join UNISON on Saturday 18 June, as the whole of the trade union movement takes to the streets to demand action on the cost of living, a new deal for working people and a pay rise for all workers.

The government needs to act now. Let’s come together on 18 June and make them listen.