Blog: Another cycle of the Tories’ economic doom-loop

Jeremy Hunt’s desperate autumn statement, claiming to fix the economic problems that his party caused, won’t pull the wool over voters’ eyes

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

The damage has already been done by years of chaotic Conservative governments.

Sluggish growth, plummeting living standards and broken public services. That’s the legacy of 13 years of an ever-revolving door of prime ministers and ministers who can’t be trusted with the economy.

Jeremy Hunt’s desperate claims to fix the economic problems that his party caused won’t pull the wool over voters’ eyes. He’s simply giving back what he and his inept predecessors have already snatched from working people.

If the government really wanted to save on benefits for disabled people, it would give them more rights at work so employers don’t make their jobs impossible. And if ministers wanted to help more people back into work, they would fix our underfunded and understaffed NHS to get millions of people the treatment they’re desperate for.

But this is the government that broke the NHS, forcing experienced health professionals out to find better paying jobs elsewhere.

If the government cared about communities, it would reverse the trend of councils going bust and plug the huge budget deficits threatening essential services for children and vulnerable adults.

But this is a government that fails to understand the value of local authorities and the staff who work for them.

Public services and the pay of its dedicated workforces didn’t get a look in, aside from being told to deliver more for less. In-crisis essential services can’t give the public what they need and this government certainly won’t.

What the UK needs is a long-term plan to fund our public services properly, unlock growth and help everyone fulfil their potential.

Today, we were taken around another cycle of the Tories’ economic doom loop. Everybody feels worse off, public services are on their knees and this government is past its sell by date.