Myanmar flag – white star on yellow, green and red horizontal stripes

UN day for democracy: taking action with Myanmar

UNISON calls for the immediate end of military violence and power, the release of all political prisoners and the restoration of civilian government

UNISON 9/11 commemorative ribbon in maroon

Blog: Still in solidarity, two decades later

As American unions come together to mark the 20th anniversary of that horrifying day, we recommit ourselves to the campaign for peace across the world

Wooden textured flag of Afghanistan

Blog: Plight of desperate Afghans highlights UK’s cruel refugee plans

MPs from all parties must defeat Westminster government’s plans to further criminalise and punish those fleeing for their lives

UK aid branding

UNISON urges the government to restore aid budget

‘If this government is serious about addressing the global pandemic they should show some leadership and invest more, not less, in essential public services in the poorest countries of the world’

International solidarity is key to opposing authoritarian regimes

UNISON delegates hear disturbing accounts of the COVID-19 crisis being used as cover to suppress peaceful opposition

Green UNISON logo with a graphic tree

Climate has to be an issue for all our members

UNISON looks to mobilise for crucial COP26 climate talks in Glasgow

Christina McAnea

Blog: Why G7 leaders need to work much harder on vaccine access

The US donation of half a billion vaccines may sound impressive – but it’s a drop in the ocean. Vaccine manufacturing rights need to be freed up now

al-Aqsa Mosque

UNISON statement on Gaza ceasefire

UNISON welcomes ceasefire and urges international action to end the occupation

Gloved hand holding vial of COVID-19 vaccine

UNISON endorses Labour’s call for an international vaccine plan

Emily Thornberry says we have to plan now to ensure the world is safe in the future – and a patent waiver should only be the start

Man waving a Palestinian flag

UNISON statement: In solidarity with Palestinian workers

The union condemns the violence and calls for an end to attacks, and to the occupation

Man waving a Palestinian flag

UNISON responds to the situation in East Jerusalem and Gaza

The union is ‘extremely concerned’ by increased forced removals of Palestinians from their homes, destruction of Palestinian property and the building of illegal Israeli settlements

Blog: The UK government must act on planned Palestinian evictions

UNISON condemns the violence in East Jerusalem and Gaza, regrets the loss of life on both sides and calls again on the Israeli government to comply with international law

Hands under flowing water

UNISON opposes drastic cuts to UK aid budget

Lifesaving support for water, sanitation and hygiene will be reduced by 80 percent, which will have a devastating effect on countries across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic

Flag of Colombia

British and Irish trade unions condemn Colombian state violence

Letter notes human rights abuses on a ‘massive scale’, with up to 37 people reported killed

UNISON demands human rights due diligence law for supply chains

Both business and the public sector should be held to account if they fail to prevent human rights abuse and environmental damage