UNISON statement on the coup in Myanmar

The government must move quickly so that no UK company can do business with the military

Measuring the impact of COVID-19 on global labour rights

A new report from UNISON reveals that the pandemic has had a negative effect on ethical procurement

Saving the lives of the workers who are saving our lives

UNISON is committed to making sure that workers’ rights are at the centre of procurement – looking after the workers who make the equipment that helps keep our members safe – and is running training on putting human rights at the heart of public purchasing

UNISON president calls for a ‘global recovery’ after the pandemic

UNISON members address virtual TUC congress, highlighting the impact on workers of the COVID-19 pandemic

Organise 2020: TUC’s free festival launches next week

The TUC’s festival of ideas runs from 9-11 July – and there are plenty of remote events to sign up for

Police and justice committee adds voice to George Floyd protests

UNISON group says the killing in the US – and its aftermath – shows that the fight against racism must be redoubled

Blog: Denis Goldberg – a tireless campaigner for justice, and a friend

Denis Goldberg, who has sadly passed away, was a freedom fighter, an inspirational politician and an honorary member of UNISON

The entrance of the Supreme Court

UNISON welcomes Supreme Court decision on ethical LGPS investment

Court overturns LGPS regulations banning investment decisions which aren’t in line with government foreign and defence policy

Trade unionists on trial in Turkey

Arzu Çerkezoğlu is just one of many trade union leaders facing trial in Turkey for speaking out and defending workers’ rights – UNISON is standing alongside her

Birds of a Feather

UNISON president Josie Bird talks to Demetrios Matheou about the people and places that have inspired and motivated her trade union life

Magazine, UNISON people on the Magazine site.

Zimbabwean union leader talks of battle against injustice

“The situation resembles a war zone in a country that is not at war.”

For UNISON, it’s solidarity forever, pledges Dave Prentis

General secretary praises the union’s growth and how solidarity is seeing strikes and success stories around the UK

Brazilian union leader inspires conference

Local government union leader tells delegates about the fight back against the far right

UNISON seeks peaceful resolution in Venezuela

Union issues statement on the current situation in the south American country

Blog: Our union stands against cruel and callous actions of the Israeli government

I’m proud that UNISON is campaigning against the mistreatment of Palestinian child prisoners. I hope you will stand with us as we demand that the UK government speak out and take action to end this gross denial of international law and children’s rights. And we will not stop until the reprehensible and self-defeating punishment of Palestinian children by the Israeli state ends once and for all.