Ukraine: Solidarity one year on

Union members and branches are invited to donate in solidarity with the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine.

UNISON in solidarity with Ukraine graphic

Following the one-year anniversary of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, the TUC has set up an ongoing fundraiser to support the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine (FPU).

The FPU is the largest trade union centre in Ukraine, representing 4.7million members in more than 50 affiliate organisations.

The Russian invasion has caused untold devastation to the Ukrainian people. On top of the thousands of people who have lost their lives, millions of workers have lost their jobs or been displaced. Many union properties have also been damaged and many destroyed.

The TUC fundraiser allows UK trade union members to donate money directly to the FPU’s solidarity fund, used to provide humanitarian and financial aid to union members and their families, and to rebuild trade union capacity damaged by the conflict. 

UNISON head of international development Nick Crook said: “As the Ukrainian Trade Union Federation provides thousands of internally displaced people with the basic means of survival whilst constantly attempting to rebuild their movement, the power of UNISON’s continued solidarity, however big or small, should never be underestimated.”