Hands under flowing water

UNISON opposes drastic cuts to UK aid budget

Lifesaving support for water, sanitation and hygiene will be reduced by 80 percent, which will have a devastating effect on countries across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: Be part of the solution

Democracy is at UNISON’s heart – and the more of you that vote, the better your union can represent you and be representative of you

Male Lawyer Or Judge Working With Contract Papers, and Law Book

Families and the public need answers that only a public inquiry can give

Lessons must be learned and those responsible for failings held to account

Blog: Voting for fair pay on 6 May

Many of our members are not looking for special treatment or favours – all we want is due process and proper negotiations that result in fair pay

Blog: Friends with benefits

Concern over the use of lobbying continues to grow with this government. Reform is needed now and the sleaze must stop

Gloved hand holding vial of COVID-19 vaccine

Persuasion not coercion must be the key to drive vaccine take-up, says UNISON

Mandatory jabs are the wrong approach and a massive distraction.

Blog: Fair pay for low-paid workers

Pay for some of the country’s lowest-paid workers increases from today, but for many key workers a decent wage for an essential job is still a dream

Create colourful window displays to support NHS staff on pay rise due date, say health unions 

The entire nation knows health workers are worth much more than 1%

Show support for NHS pay rise with posters in windows

Households urged to display artworks on Thursday 1 April

Blog: The fight goes on for fairness in social care pay

UNISON will continue campaigning with renewed vigour for the major reform that the care sector so desperately needs

Blog: This worrying attack on free speech and the right to protest

The point of a demonstration is to be heard and to have an impact – the explicit aim of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill seems to be to minimise any impact

hands raised, facing palms out to stop violence, against a dark background

Blog: To walk without fear

The abduction and murder of Sarah Everard has jump-started a conversation about how it can be acceptable that so many women experience fear so often

Christina McAnea: UNISON’s new general secretary

One of the best negotiators in the union movement always remembers her father’s advice: ‘Walk in there as if you own the place’

Magazine, UNISON people on the Magazine site.

Social care reform can’t be put off

Care home residents, their families and care workers will feel angry at the absence of a plan

People must come before profit in reformed social care system

Social care provision must mirror the structure and ethos of the NHS