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Help ensure MPs understand the reality of the cost of living crisis

Next week’s lobby of Parliament gives members the chance to tell MPs how the crisis is affecting ordinary workers – and build calls for a general election

Christina McAnea addressing TUC congress in Brighton. She is wearing a black jacket over and black and white top and is pictures at the congress rostrum, her left had raise, and against a dappled purple background

‘Co-ordinated action unites us,’ McAnea tells TUC congress

General secretary tells delegates in Brighton that UNISON will be working with other unions to help working people get the pay rise that they deserve

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Taking our cost of living campaign to a wider audience

From the picket line to the heart of government, help to make sure that our members’ voices are heard

On a pale green background, with flowing white ribbons going from the bottom left to the top right, with the text, in black capital letters – together we rise in UNISON and the UNISON logo below.

Let’s rise up in Westminster on 2 November – in UNISON

Get ready for next month’s lobby of Parliament as UNISON and the TUC build the campaign on the cost of living crisis and building a better future

The Trade Union Bill: T’s story

T works as a night awake care assistant in a residential home for the elderly.