New manifesto defends workers’ rights from artificial iIntelligence

UNISON backs the TUC’s warning that employment law is failing to keep pace with the rapid expansion of AI in the workplace

UNISON president calls for a ‘global recovery’ after the pandemic

UNISON members address virtual TUC congress, highlighting the impact on workers of the COVID-19 pandemic

Public services need a new normal, says UNISON general secretary

Public services must be rebuilt after years of cuts and neglect

Government must support public services and key workers to build a better post-pandemic future

New UNISON campaign to move country forward

smiling young female delegate at TUC congress

Jobs, security and dignity – sign up to TUC congress 2020

Our moment to demand change for working people

Organise 2020: TUC’s free festival launches next week

The TUC’s festival of ideas runs from 9-11 July – and there are plenty of remote events to sign up for

Education unions agree statement on the safe reopening of schools

Ministers should step back from 1 June target and put safety first

Lack of protective equipment for health and social care staff is “a crisis within a crisis”

Joint union statement calls on ministers to protect those on the health frontline

UNISON signs TUC’s Dying to Work charter

Charter aims to provide terminally-ill workers with greater security and peace of mind

Labour’s proposed reforms ‘promise a sea change in the workplace’

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today (Tuesday) to the delegates gathered at the 151st Trades Union Congress in Brighton,UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “These reforms promise a sea change in the workplace, one that’s long overdue. “It’s become far too easy for unscrupulous bosses to treat their staff unfairly, safe in the knowledge their […]

Blog: Privatisation demeans, damages and destroys – let’s bring services back in-house where they belong

Privatisation demeans, damages and destroys. Privatisation was never a necessity, nor will it ever be. The toxic mix of privatisation and austerity was a political choice, but there is an alternative to this wanton profiteering.

End privatisation disgrace to protect public services

Privatisation failed in the 80s, again in the 90s and it’s still failing today

Blog: Continuing the fight against privatisation

Now, more than ever, we have a chance to push back against private profit and in favour of public need. In Manchester next week, we will continue to fight for just that.

Blog: It’s time for politicians to wake up, stop hesitating, and put pay up now

This afternoon at the TUC, I was proud to lead the debate on public sector pay. For UNISON’s 1.3 million members, and millions more like them, there is no more important issue.

All public sector staff need and deserve a decent pay rise now, says UNISON

Opening the public sector pay debate at the 149th Trades Union Congress in Brighton, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “For millions of public service workers struggling to survive, there is no more pressing issue than lifting the pay cap. “We’ve seen years of brutal austerity and vicious attacks on public services, overseen by an […]