Micaela Tracey-Ramos speaks at UNISON's young member conference

Young members’ conference turns to recruitment and organising

A number of motions on Saturday dealt with how the self organised group encourage recruitment, get members active and produce results for young members

Set dressing and delegates in the conference hall

Delegates discuss improving the union’s organising approach

The cost of living crisis presents a new set of challenges that require a new set of solutions

Stage set for UNISON's 2021 virtual special delegate conference

‘Unions are very 2021’ – so let’s keep growing

Conference hears how recruitment and retention have boomed in the pandemic, and listens to examples of how it was done

Organise 2020: TUC’s free festival launches next week

The TUC’s festival of ideas runs from 9-11 July – and there are plenty of remote events to sign up for

That was the year that was – 12 months in UNISON

As 2018 draws to a close we look back on a memorable year with the UK’s biggest union

How to … recruit new members

Like any union, UNISON is only as strong and effective as our members acting together – the more of us there are, the better we are.

How to… get marching

Expert advice on how to plan and get the most out of marches and demonstrations

How to… get marching

Expert advice on how to plan and get the most out of marches and demonstrations

How to, Magazine on the Magazine site.

The year ahead: this is what we’ll be doing

UNISON members from the union’s executive look ahead at what we can expect, and what your union is planning, for the next 12 months

UNISON’s joint branch and regional assessments enter the digital age

A key organising tool is updated to help the union ‘better face the challenges of the future’

Black members stress importance of building the union

Delegates discuss ways to increase engagement and encourage new activists to come forward

UNISON activists’ work recognised with TUC awards at congress

Eastern convenor Darren Barber and vice president Margaret McKee honoured at annual congress

Delegates stress the need to build the union through organising

Raising the union’s profile is “like joining a gym: you don’t buy your ticket and then sit around waiting to get fit”

Black History Month – a time to organise

UNISON encourages members to mark Black History Month every year and to organise and recruit around it.

Margaret McKee from Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital

Why did I get involved?

Unpaid, risking trouble at work and not always thanked – why do UNISON’s 40,000 activists do it?