Ameen Hadi speaking at a conference

UNISON announces 2024 Nelson Mandela Award winner

Ameen Hadi was nominated as a passionate and dedicated anti-racist and advocate for equality, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Year of Black Workers at National Delegate Conference

Our Motions The National Black Members’ Committee submitted two motions to National Delegate Conference (NDC). Motion 4 – Equality is UNISON Business Motion – 52 – The Cost of Living Crisis and Black Workers If you are attending conference, please think about speaking on these important motions. The full text of each motion can be […]

Members campaigning at a stall

Stop Deportations to Rwanda

The scapegoating of refugees and migrants – spearheaded by Suella Braverman’s talk of the ‘invasion’ of Southern England by ‘illegal immigrants’, and her ‘obsession’ with deporting refugees to Rwanda – is opening the door to the far right. We have seen distressing scenes of violent attacks on asylum seeker accommodation by far-right activists. HOPE not […]

UK COVID-19 Public Inquiry

In the joint submission of the Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality and the APG on Ethnic Minority Community to Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on the experience of minority ethnic and migrant people in Northern Ireland, we highlighted the fact that disparities and inequalities do persist. Racism and discrimination remain a factor in shaping people’s […]

An Audience with Chris Smalls – Founder and President of Amazon Labor Union

UNISON were delighted to be joined by Chris Smalls, the founder and President of the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) and his colleagues, Gerald Bryson, President and Co-Founder of The Congress of Essential Workers (TCOEW) and Jordan Flowers, Co-Founder of the ALU and TCOEW. In 2020, Chris led a staged walk out that garnered national attention […]

Out and proud but in crisis in Ghana

Written by Davis Mac-Iyalla, Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa (IDNOWA) Fellow Comrades and Allies, I want to share my journey with you. It involves my mission for LGBT+ inclusion in eleven West African countries.  While I would have enjoyed sharing some of the pleasant parts of my story, now is not the time. We […]

Deep inequalities in British society to be investigated

Equality and Human Rights Commission COVID-19 race probe announced

Agreement on building fire and rescue equality welcomed

Employers, unions and other stakeholders sign memorandum of understanding

London members mark Black History Month

Tackling racism ‘is one of our most urgent tasks – we cannot let it slide off our agenda,’ general secretary tells London celebration

Black History Month – a time to organise

UNISON encourages members to mark Black History Month every year and to organise and recruit around it.

It is our ‘humanitarian and moral duty’ to act over refugee crisis

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis speaks at TUC race relations fringe