UNISON steps up for public services

Dave Prentis: ‘It’s time for an end to austerity; an end to cuts; an end to Tory cruelty’

Blog: Together, we can step up for public services

By standing together on Saturday, we can continue to show the strength of our feelings and continue to make the case for public services. If you’re in London, near London or can get to London this Saturday, join us to “step up for public services”.

‘The greatest fight in the long and illustrious history of our NHS’

Campaigning is the key to building on the legacy of the NHS’s first 70 years, says Dave Prentis

Blog: Once again, our union is taking the fight to the government – and onto the streets

So wherever you live, wherever you work and whatever you do – please join us on May 12th to speak up and step up for the public services you work in and your whole community relies on. Bring your friends and family along to stand with you. Help make this a noisy, colourful passionate and uplifting display of our unity and strength as a union and a movement as we march through the centre of London.

How to… get marching

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