Pupils face schools turmoil over government’s inaction on building safety, says UNISON

Government should have been fixing schools long before start of term

UNISON lobbies Church of England leaders over pay

Catering staff, cleaners and caretakers are being paid less than the real living wage in church schools

UNISON demands school meals workers are brought in-house

‘By cutting profit out of school meals, there’s more money for nutritious meals and to level up the pay and benefits of workers’

Education catch-up plans won’t work if teaching assistants and other support staff are ignored

Pivotal roles should be recognised and rewarded

School support staff finally included in wellbeing charter

UNISON has signed up to the charter after forcing the Department for Education to acknowledge role of all school staff

Ministers must bring back safety measures in schools, say unions 

Return of face coverings among precautions needed

Ending school bubbles and isolation will be dangerous, says UNISON

Rolling back safety measures risks spread

Bring back face coverings to limit school Covid disruption

Education unions issue joint statement

DfE stats reveal high level of COVID infections among school staff

Estimates put 39% of teachers and school leaders and 51% of teaching assistants and other staff are working on-site in open settings in the current lockdown

Schools committee raises issues over English testing plans

UNISON meets Department for Education and NHS test and trace officials to discuss the end-of-term announcement about mass testing in English schools in January

A model teaching assistant

Stars in our Schools celebrates the school support staff who strive to give our children the best possible education

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Education staff need ​an urgent ​new safety ​plan for schools, says UNISON

Government must explain science behind keeping schools open

School catering staff face losing hundreds of pounds a month, says UNISON

Catering firm Dolce must talk with UNISON

Staff serving school meals to pupils

UNISON urges co-operation over reopening schools

‘Headline-catching announcements’ are not dealing with the practicalities needed to ensure pupils can return to school safely, says union

UNISON gives cautious welcome to COVID-related schools funding

School support staff will have a vital role in bringing pupils ‘back up to speed’