Brexit top of UNISON agenda for TUC

‘The need for stability and reassurance has never been greater,’ says Dave Prentis

Union will fight government’s proposed ‘bill of rights’

Government plan to replace Human Rights Act is ‘the gravest threat to freedom in Britain since the Second World War’

Government attack on public service pay ‘a disgrace’

UNISON members continue the fight for fair pay and the real living wage

The Trade Union Bill – how we campaigned for key changes

UNISON members across the UK played a part in protecting their trade union rights

UNISON welcomes government’s change of heart on Trade Union Bill proposals

Commenting on the debate today (Wednesday) in the Commons that has seen the government accept many of the Trade Union Bill amendments made last week in the Lords, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Without these significant changes, unions representing working people across the UK would have found it hard to continue doing what they […]

UNISON lobbying sees ministers move on facility time

Ministers have backed away from an outright ban on facility time across the UK’s public services

Government withdraws plan to stop check-off for subs payment

‘Now at least UNISON can concentrate on campaigning to protect public sector employees at work and the services they deliver’

UNISON welcomes government change of heart over check-off

Dave Prentis comments on the announcement in the Lords that the government is no longer to stop unions from collecting members’ subs via their pay packets

Members need a strong and focused union to help them survive ‘crisis after crisis’

NEC hears update on Trade Union Bill and agrees EU referendum campaign

Lords inflict serious blow to the Trade Union Bill

Peers vote for three key changes to the government’s damaging trade union reforms

Trade union rally outside Conwy council

UNISON members will rally in support of motions opposing the Trade Union Bill and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Higher ed workers vow to campaign against TU Bill

UNISON higher education conference sets out campaign to defeat bill and protect trade union rights and reps

‘Scrub the TU Bill’

East Midlands women speak out against unnecessary change in law ‘that can only harm relations between employers and workers’

The issues facing us have never been bigger

“We need to put in place measures not just to stop this government but to grow and strengthen our union,” Dave Prentis tells executive meeting

♡ UNISON: it’s helping me to help others

Jane Collier is an occupational therapist and branch education officer at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital