‘Scrub the TU Bill’

East Midlands women speak out against unnecessary change in law ‘that can only harm relations between employers and workers’

UNISON women spoke out against the Trade Union Bill and its attack on workers and their trade unions today.

As the House of Lords discussed clause 14 of the Bill – which seeks to ban union members’ right to have their subs deducted from their pay – the union’s East Midlands women’s committee made their voices heard.

UNISON women believe that the Trade Union Bill will take us back to when women were scrubbing clothes in tubs without trade unions to defend their working conditions.

Women workers fought long and hard for their right to join union, but UNISON warns that the attacks in this bill could leave them unable to protect maternity rights, equal pay, child-care support and other employment rights.

That is why the regional women’s committee urged: “Scrub the TUB!”

“Clause 14 is about how trade unions collect subscriptions direct from payroll – known as ‘check-off’ or DOCAS – as part of a joing agreement between employer, worker and the union,” noted East Midlands regional secretary Helen Black.

“There is no pressure from employers to remove check-off, yet the government is pressing ahead anyway, even though there’s no cost to the public purse as unions pay the miniscule cost of any set up.

“This is simply an attack on the ability of unions to organise in the workplace and to collect their subscriptions.

“We are very proud that UNISON women from across the East Midlands are sending the government and the House of Lords a loud and clear message that this change in the law is unnecessary and can only harm relations between employers and workers.”