As we condemn the Trade Union Bill we shouldn’t overlook what our campaigning has achieved

This is a bad bill but without the labour movement pushing back with passion and vigour, it could have been much worse.

UNISON lobbying sees ministers move on facility time

Ministers have backed away from an outright ban on facility time across the UK’s public services

Government withdraws plan to stop check-off for subs payment

‘Now at least UNISON can concentrate on campaigning to protect public sector employees at work and the services they deliver’

A significant victory for our union and our movement

This is a change that wasn’t in the interest of public service workers, employers or those who rely upon the services they provide. I’m glad that the government have seen sense at this late stage.

UNISON welcomes government change of heart over check-off

Dave Prentis comments on the announcement in the Lords that the government is no longer to stop unions from collecting members’ subs via their pay packets

Lords inflict serious blow to the Trade Union Bill

Peers vote for three key changes to the government’s damaging trade union reforms

UNISON Scotland joins day of action against Trade Union Bill

Facility time, overwork and workplace stress among the big themes as unions engage with employers

‘Scrub the TU Bill’

East Midlands women speak out against unnecessary change in law ‘that can only harm relations between employers and workers’

The voluntary sector has become just another front in Cameron’s clampdown on free speech

Despite the government’s claims to the contrary, their plans are about gagging charities and charity workers from conducting necessary scrutiny.

The Trade Union Bill criticism keeps on coming

When even the person the government charged with reviewing industrial action has so much criticism for the Trade Union Bill – surely they must realise they have gone too far?

We will fight these battles together – and we’ll win

Understandably many of the UNISON members I speak to are scared, concerned or just plain appalled by the government’s assault on women. But I’m determined that no bill, cut or law will ever stop UNISON fighting for our members.

UNISON and the big workplace meeting

Across the country, members join together to celebrate trade unions

‘Why I ♡ UNISON? It saved me from losing my job, my home, my whole way of life’

The issue of losing my tax credits was keeping me awake at night: as a single mum I didn’t know how I was going to provide for my family

This is a law designed to cut off criticism at a time when there is much to criticise

Not for the first time, this government has underestimated our great movement. So we will fight all the battles to come. And we’ll overcome whatever hurdles are placed in our way.

♡ UNISON: ‘come together’ urges Wendy Nichols

UNISON president issues call as activists and members get out and about to spread pride in the union