Blog: You can attack us all you want – we aren’t going anywhere

Public services have been put through the wringer thanks to austerity, but despite everything we’ve had thrown as us, we are still standing. Still defending rights at work. Still fighting for better pay and better conditions. We won’t be chased out of our workplaces and we won’t step back for the fights to come.

Inside the hall during a UNISON conference

Standing up for union rights

Local government conference vows to fight to protect facility time

Battle continues against ‘restrictive and draconian’ Trade Union Act

Brighton delegates told: ‘They want to make us an endangered species. But if they push us, we push back.’

DOCAS and facility time changes brought forward

New DOCAS agreements have to be in place from 10 March 2018 to ensure a “reasonable fee” is paid to public sector employers who deduct union subs directly from members’ wages

‘We must fight for facility time – for our members and for our services’

UNISON president Eric Roberts tells TUC unions must make the case for a system which gets better outcomes for union members and employers

The Trade Union Bill – how we campaigned for key changes

UNISON members across the UK played a part in protecting their trade union rights

As we condemn the Trade Union Bill we shouldn’t overlook what our campaigning has achieved

This is a bad bill but without the labour movement pushing back with passion and vigour, it could have been much worse.

UNISON lobbying sees ministers move on facility time

Ministers have backed away from an outright ban on facility time across the UK’s public services

Lords inflict serious blow to the Trade Union Bill

Peers vote for three key changes to the government’s damaging trade union reforms

UNISON Scotland joins day of action against Trade Union Bill

Facility time, overwork and workplace stress among the big themes as unions engage with employers

Welsh councils and unions unite to oppose Trade Union Bill

Cymru/Wales local government employers defend facility time, check-off and union rights for council workers

Facility time pays dividends for employers and staff

Get involved in our campaign to drop the trade union bill

‘Draconian’ trade union bill passes second reading

MPs from all parties condemn the ‘most significant, sustained and partisan attack’ on workers’ rights in 30 years

Fighting cuts to facility time

As a part of continuing efforts to help branches and regions fight facility time cuts – and cope following a cut – UNISON has produced a revised guide and factsheet

Cutbacks in facility time forces activists to conduct “covert ops”

Cutbacks in facility time for local government are leaving activists feeling like they are “conducting covert ops” when they represent members who work for another employer, conference heard