UNISON and the big workplace meeting

Across the country, members join together to celebrate trade unions

‘Why I ♡ UNISON? It saved me from losing my job, my home, my whole way of life’

The issue of losing my tax credits was keeping me awake at night: as a single mum I didn’t know how I was going to provide for my family

♡ UNISON: ‘come together’ urges Wendy Nichols

UNISON president issues call as activists and members get out and about to spread pride in the union

Striking makes a difference

During Heart UNISON week it’s worth remembering that while taking strike action is never easy, the results can make a huge difference to people’s lives

UNISON celebrates trade unions in the community

Cymru Wales members will be taking to high streets and workplaces next week to celebrate union achievements

♡ UNISON: the union is improving the health trust I work for

I work with people who have memory problems. I’m a community psychiatric nurse so I go to the homes of people who have Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.

♡ UNISON: it stands up for the whole NHS team

Annette is a medical secretary in Scotland who loves that UNISON stands up for the whole NHS

♡ UNISON: it brought me out of my shell

I spend my days talking to members of the public on the phone, answering their queries on environmental issues, from planning and environmental health to housing repairs like a broken toilet

♡ UNISON: recognising the members who keep us all safe

Health and safety rep of the year awards highlight key work of union and our reps

♡ UNISON: it encouraged me to become the person I am

‘UNISON has backed me up … has encouraged me to become the person I am’

♡ UNISON: because we fight for equal pay

‘Work with us, in partnership with employers rather than as adversaries, to close the gender pay gap’

♡ UNISON: it’s there to back you up

UNISON is a group of people having the same interests and the same cause

♡ UNISON: the best thing about it is when you get to make a difference

I first got involved with UNISON because I had a workplace issue; I was accused of stealing something from the organisation I used to work at

♡ UNISON: being part of UNISON is like being part of a family

You have three loves: your family, your partner, and then the movement that you would do anything for

♡ UNISON: the union got me through a difficult time

My job is to support people with learning difficulties to live in the community independently.