Activists feel stress of increasing workloads

UNISON to explore ways of supporting activists and reps in stressful situations

Conference agrees measures to support activists

Creative ideas for training, accreditation and mentoring all to the fore as delegates discuss helping reps

Union will fight government’s proposed ‘bill of rights’

Government plan to replace Human Rights Act is ‘the gravest threat to freedom in Britain since the Second World War’

UNISON will promote ‘public interest test’ to combat outsourcing

Union remains committed to stopping the march of privatisation of public services

Voices for Palestine won’t be silenced

Conference hears that the boycott and disvestment campaign is working well

Tania, Gravesham - @SotonUNISON

‘Refugee lives do matter’

National delegate conference agrees to continue working to combat myths around migration

PSI general secretary: ‘We must stop the race to the bottom’

Rosa Pavanelli tells delegates that “we must take democracy very seriously,” as she outlines global threat by multinational corporations

Tide is turning against government’s austerity programme, says UNISON

The public willingness to accept cuts to public services is ‘exhausted’

Corbyn vows to scrap Trade Union Act when in government

‘Trade unions are a force for good and a force for equality in our society’, Labour leader tells conference

A huge pleasure and an honour

I want to take this opportunity to thank UNISON members and activists – from different nations, services and politics – who make this union great. You often face personal struggles – yet give so much to their colleagues, and friends and this union.

Government attack on public service pay ‘a disgrace’

UNISON members continue the fight for fair pay and the real living wage

Prentis presents vision of a future built on what unites us

General secretary tells conference humanity has more in common than what divides it – and UNISON is the same

UNISON must ‘lead the fightback’ against threats to democracy

Conference hears that plans for regional ‘devolution’ have nothing to do with improving the lives of the majority in those areas

We are just two days from a generation-defining vote, says UNISON

"A defining time in our politics – a dark shadow has been cast” | @DavePrentis on #JoCoxMP at #undc16 #MoreInCommon — UNISON – the union (@unisontweets) June 21, 2016 Speaking at UNISON’s annual conference in Brighton today (Tuesday) UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:  “We are just two days away from a generation-defining vote, […]

UNISON vows to tackle poverty across society and the deeply divided society it creates

National delegate conference gets underway with discussion on how to tackle the poverty affecting millions across the UK