Young woman holds up banner against the Trade Union Bill

Let’s show how we ♡ UNISON

As the campaign against the Trade Union Bill continues, let’s show everyone why we love unions – and UNISON in particular

UNISON takes the ‘route of shame’ in defence of workers’ rights

The union marks Human Rights Day by targeting countries that are the ‘worst’ abusers of trade union rights

Opposition to Trade Union Bill continues

Hyndburn council and Welsh government are latest bodies to oppose attack on rights of their workers

Prentis urges LGBT delegates to continue fight against TU Bill

General secretary highlights ‘vicious, vindictive’ nature of government attack on unions, as he addresses LGBT conference

Ending check-off would make absolutely no sense

Ending union members’ right to have their subs deducted from wages would be disruptive, centralist and make absolutely no sense

Aleksandra Mark-Rybner with her mum, social worker Kathy

Rally shows strength of feeling over trade union bill

Workers travel from across the UK to tell their MPs their concerns over trade union bill

Tricks but no treats

Join us on Monday to stop this nightmare that is the Trade Union Bill

The Trade Union Bill: Graeme’s story

My name is Graeme Matheson and I work as a building services engineer

Welsh councils and unions unite to oppose Trade Union Bill

Cymru/Wales local government employers defend facility time, check-off and union rights for council workers

The Trade Union Bill: T’s story

T works as a night awake care assistant in a residential home for the elderly.

The Trade Union Bill: Roger’s story

Roger is 70 years old and has been retired from Sheffield City Council as an administrator since 1997

UNISON will not be gagged, higher education branches hear at seminar

Branch delegates gather to discuss strategic concerns of higher education workers, including the government Trade Union Bill

The Trade Union Bill: Jenny’s story

My name is Jenny Edwards and I work as an associate practitioner

700,000 joiners shows our strength, Prentis tells health conference

General secretary tells West Midlands activists: unions are as relevant today as they ever were – ‘when times are tough, we show our strength’

Trade Union Bill is bad for democracy and for working people, says UNISON

Union says that the Bill is designed to ‘stop union reps from carrying out their duties’