Local authorities must work to eradicate exploitation, says UNISON

Local authorities are not doing enough to protect workers’ rights globally, according to research published today (Monday) by UNISON. According to the report Ethical Procurement in UK Local Authorities, produced by People & Planet on behalf of UNISON, only eight of the 190 local authorities looked at had a standalone ethical procurement policy. The UK […]

Does your employer have an ethical procurement policy?

Are the goods it buys as part of delivering key public services produced without abusing workers?

Finding a way through Brexit

As the UK wonders what happens next in a post-Brexit world, UNISON is acting now

Our Services Our Say – and UNISON members at the sharp end

UNISON has always argued that public services must stay public unless there is an evidenced ‘public interest case’ to prove otherwise. So we welcome the Our Services Our Say campaign which puts the case forward about the fundamental importance of public services to society and communities.

UNISON welcomes dignity and respect campaign for cleaners

EHRC campaign is ‘a big step in the right direction for often invisible workforce’ says union general secretary

Campaign against TTIP gains momentum

Councils sign up to support campaign against transatlantic trade deal that threatens democracy

Chancellor’s letter on public sector cuts: UNISON responds

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis comments on Osborne’s letter to public sector workers asking them to find ways to save money.

Secret trade agreement ‘a battle between big business and everybody else’

‘Predatory’ US multinationals waiting to descend on Europe’s public services, Glasgow delegates told

NHS faces threat from privatisation, outsourcing, fragmentation and underfunding

UNISON health conference vows to fight for a public, integrated and properly funded health service for all

£75m Cornish NHS privatisation plan scrapped

Strong and sustained union campaigning pays off as plans to privatise £75m of NHS services in Cornwall are scrapped

Rushed regulations won’t help boost living standards, says UNISON

The government has missed the perfect opportunity to encourage private companies to pay their staff the living wage by not taking full advantage of new European guidelines that come into force today (Thursday) says UNISON.

UNISON calls for delay in new procurement regulations

UNISON is calling on the government to delay its new public procurement regulations, the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, which came into force today for all public service contracts – except those for NHS England – in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The most important election …

Dave Prentis tells NEC that May will see “the most important election for the future of our union that has been fought”

UNISON fights the privatisation of primary care support services

NHS England remain committed to the privatisation of primary care support (PCS) services in England – tendering process is now under way for a 10 year, £1billion contract – one of the largest ever tendered in the NHS

UNISON urges illegal wage crackdown in homecare sector

A staggering 93% of councils in England and Wales don’t make it a contractual condition for homecare providers to pay care workers for travel time