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Blog: We need a new law to protect human rights and the environment

Companies must be held to account when they fail to prevent abuses and harms

Christina McAnea

Blog: Help us fight back against the government’s ‘Rights Removal Bill’

The Westminster government has deliberately used negative stereotypes to pass a bill that will remove our basic human rights.

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UNISON supports legal challenge over UK’s use of PPE suppliers

‘UK public procurement has continued to be stained by forced labour and union busting’

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Omicron: Extending our solidarity to PPE supply chain workers

At UNISON, the paradox that our members are saving lives using products made by workers whose rights are violated is very uncomfortable

UNISON demands higher human rights standards in PPE

‘Our 1.3 million members working in health, local government, education and other public services don’t want to use items at work made by severely exploited workers’

Saving the lives of the workers who are saving our lives

UNISON is committed to making sure that workers’ rights are at the centre of procurement – looking after the workers who make the equipment that helps keep our members safe – and is running training on putting human rights at the heart of public purchasing