UNISON tackles cancer in the workplace

Employers must do more to support workers with cancer – that was the message at a UNISON health and safety fringe event at the union’s national delegate conference last week, as the union launched its campaign ‘cancer in the workplace’

‘The UK is not a right-wing country, but a divided country’

UNISON unveils ‘most important strategy document’ in its history to fight the Tories

UNISON members support the Glasgow homeless workers

UNISON members attending national delegate conference pour onto the streets of Glasgow in support of 70 homeless case workers who have been on strike for 12 weeks

TTIP is a ‘loaded dice’ that will hand public services to the multi-nationals

‘The stakes could not be higher’ in fight against free trade agreement

The threats and opportunities of devolution

UNISON’s national delegate conference discusses devolution

The relentless race to the bottom in pensions

The pension changes introduced this year were routinely attacked at UNISON’s national delegate conference this afternoon with one speaker describing them as a “relentless race to the bottom in pension provision”

Gap between rich and poor ‘widening on a daily basis’

Trade unions continue to have a crucial role in tackling inequality, conference told

‘Activists are the beating heart of UNISON’

UNISON vows to recruit more stewards in the organising battle against austerity

‘If we decide to fight, no-one can stop us’

General secretary sets out an agenda for action

‘Rescue our care from sharks and thieves’

Conference debates social care

UNISON president opens conference

‘We’re changing the union to keep up with changing times’

Local government members to get tougher over pay

Glasgow delegates agree wide-ranging strategy to turn the tide over low pay

School support staff face ‘uncertain future’

‘We did not start this attack on school support staff, but we need to defend them by organising’

The energy market needs regulation – but regulation that does not penalise members

UNISON members should not pay price for excessive greed of a few

UNISON rallies against Tory attacks on facility time

Facility time the ‘crucial and defining’ issue for union’s organisers