Government sets out who will be covered by 40% strike threshold

Threshold for ‘important public services’ takes effect on 1 March; political fund opt-in rules transition period starts on same day

The government has listed the “important public services” and jobs which will face more stringent rules on strike ballots under the Trade Union Act 2016.

Under the regulations, certain “jobs and functions” in health, fire services, transport, education and border security will need a Yes vote from 40% of eligible members for strike action to be legal.

Yesterday the government tabled five sets of regulations in Parliament which set out those jobs and functions.

MPs are expected to debate the regulations in January, and the 40% threshold is due to come into effect on 1 March 2017, or 21 days after the regulations are made, if that happens later.

The TUC expects that all of the 2016 act’s restrictions on industrial action will come into effect on the same date.

Also yesterday, the government tabled the draft regulations covering  the new opt-in rules for trade union political funds.

The government has decided to provide the minimum 12 month transition period for the new rules.

This is scheduled to run from 1 March 2017 with the new rules coming into effect on 29 February 2018.

The act, and therefore these regulations, does not cover Northern Ireland.