Speak out on 18 October

Mobilise for the “biggest demo this country has ever seen on 18 October” – that is the rallying call from general secretary Dave Prentis as the union gears up for the TUC’s Britain Needs a Pay Rise demonstration.

The demonstration – plus one in Scotland and possibly one in Northern Ireland – will come just days after local government and school workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland take co-ordinated industrial action over pay.

Ballots for industrial action are also taking place among Scottish local government workers, English and Welsh NHS members, academy school staff and meat hygiene workers.

“This autumn is where we make a stand on pay – this far and no further,” said Mr Prentis.

But 18 October is not just about specific groups of UNISON members, or even all UNISON members.

After four years of austerity, everyone – and the economy – needs fair pay, Mr Prentis said.

The message from UNISON to every region, branch and member is simple: “Our nation needs you there. We need you to make it happen.”

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