Keeping the floods at bay

The holiday season saw members across northern England and Scotland scramble to deal with floods. But flood defence is a year-round job

‘No more cuts to the Environment Agency’

UNISON calls on government to maintain Aagency funding in wake of floods

Securing the future of our public services

UNISON manifesto sets out the challenges facing public services and policies needed to meet them

UNISON to launch public services manifesto

With less than a year to go to the general election, UNISON is launching its manifesto for public services

EPSU leader spells out the Europe we want

EPSU general secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan’s message to UNISON’s local government conference was that we could change Europe for the betterment of the majority of its people

Efficiency myth of privatisation exploded

Privatisation does not produce efficiency, just a downward pressure on pay, writes Sara Gorton of UNISON in a new Left Foot Forward blog as part of Fair Pay Fortnight

Environment Agency workers still face redundancies

Disgrace that once the waters recede many of these hard working, highly-skilled workers will become dispensable once more

EA staff enter seventh week of emergency response

With more severe weather lashing parts of the UK today, Environment Agency staff are working tirelessly under dark clouds bringing more heavy rain and more job losses

Stop this license to pollute

Get your MP to sign the Commons early day motion against 1,500 Environment Agency job cuts

Government plays Russian roulette with millions of homes

The Government is playing Russian roulette with millions of homes by slashing a further 1500 Environment Agency jobs

Cuts to Environment Agency jobs would be “catastrophic”

Axing 1500 Environment Agency workers in the wake of devastating storms is potentially catastrophic