George Osborne wants to know how to ‘get more for less’

The Chancellor wants to find more ways to cut public services

UNISON to launch public services manifesto

With less than a year to go to the general election, UNISON is launching its manifesto for public services

Conference hears of the impact of austerity on women

The national delegate conference backed a series of actions aimed at campaigning on the disproportionate impact of austerity on women

Delegates debate solutions to the housing crisis

In a debate on the housing crisis and its particular impact on women yesterday afternoon, conference agreed a programme of campaigning to tackle the problems

Conference agrees the place for women is in a union

Women are not on the verge of austerity – they are at its centre – and that’s why they need to be in a union

EPSU leader spells out the Europe we want

EPSU general secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan’s message to UNISON’s local government conference was that we could change Europe for the betterment of the majority of its people

Delegates back call for a gender agenda

UNISON’s local government conference agreed this morning to campaign for a “new gender agenda” that puts women’s issues at the forefront of negotiations and work

Newcastle protest condemns legal aid cuts

UNISON members joined community activists on Newcastle Quayside last week to protest against cuts to legal aid for survivors of domestic violence

9/10 lose sleep over money and job worries

UNISON releases results of poll asking public service workers What Keeps you Awake?

Time to stop talking in conferences

Carolan tells delegates to make sure they take the message out beyond the conference hall to voters

TUC urged to take notice of ‘invisible’ women

UNISON vice president reminds delegates of the impact of austerity on women in the workplace

UNISON urges members to lobby their MPs over new ‘gagging law’

New law threatens to gag charities, NGOs, blogs, think-tanks, trade unions and other campaigning organisations by severely restricting how much money they can spend on political campaigning in the year running up to a general election

Tories are attacking our NHS too, says UNISON Scotland

UNISON Scotland members are joining the 999 – answer the call for your NHS rally outside the Conservative party conference in Manchester on 29 September

How is austerity affecting the LGBT community?

Help our research to uncover the effect austerity is having, whether you are an LGBT service user or working providing services

Planning starts for 29 September

999 – answer the call for your NHS outside the Conservative party conference in Manchester on 29 September