Government plays Russian roulette with millions of homes

UNISON chief Dave Prentis today warned that “the Government is playing Russian roulette with millions of homes by slashing a further 1500 Environment Agency jobs.” 

The warning comes in the wake of news that the Agency has issued more than 100 flood warnings across the UK for the weekend, with an icy blast sweeping across the country.

Dave Prentis went on to say:

“Snow will bring more misery for those families and businesses already devastated by the floods. Environment Agency staff are working 24/7 to minimise the risk of damage to lives and homes, but, at the same time, they face a further 1,500 job cuts – where is the sense in that?

“As pressure mounts to build more homes in flood risk areas, the Government should be looking at strengthening defence not cutting budgets.  The public is being misled by the suggestion that extra money is being spent on flood defences, because the current level of investment is barely enough to stand still. 

“Climate change means that the catastrophic storms over the past year may become a regular feature and the country needs to be prepared.   Cutting vital jobs will have a drastic effect on thatfirst line of defence that protects millions of homes and businesses.”

The last time the Government cut thousands of jobs from the Agency, they were forced to re-hire workers because the Agency couldn’t cope.