Co-op vote – say yes to motions 9 and 10

UNISON members who shop at the Co-op or are members should have received voting packs.

The union is asking members to check whether they’ve got a pack and help save the Co-op Party by voting Yes to motions 9 and 10 on the ballot.

UNISON is backing the Keep it Co-op campaign. Find out more about the issue on their web pages and sign up to the campaign at

Both the UNISON and the co-op movement are very proud of their history of activists who have worked hard to improve conditions for workers and customers.

 Just like trade union activists before them, co-op movement activists realised that however hard they worked they wouldn’t get the fairer society without representation in Parliament.

In 1917, they set up the Co-op Party to stand up to the interests of big business.

Almost a century later, union and co-op activists are still fighting for the rights of ordinary people.

UNISON is supporting the link between the Co-op Group and Co-op Party and is asking members to “keep it co-op” and vote yes to motions 9 and 10.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis says an important principle is at stake in the vote: “The principle that democratic organisations like co-operatives and trade unions can and should be engaged in politics.

“They should be a voice for ordinary working people.”