Co-op vote – last few days

The future of the Co-operative Group’s membership of the Co-operative Party will be decided at an AGM in Manchester on Saturday 16 May. If you’re not able to attend in person you need to have voted by midday on Wednesday, 13 May.

UNISON members who are eligible to vote should have received voting packs by now.

The union is backing the Keep it Co-op campaign and is asking members to help save the Co-op Party by voting Yes to motions 9 and 10 on the ballot.

The union movement has long had a partner in the Co-op, through the Co-operative Party. From votes for women to credit unions and employee ownership, for 98 years we have worked together to create a fairer society where profits and power are more equally shared. 

Both UNISON and the Co-op movement are very proud of their history of activists who have worked hard to improve conditions for workers and customers. 

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis says an important principle is at stake in the vote: “The principle that democratic organisations like co-operatives and trade unions can and should be engaged in politics.

“They should be a voice for ordinary working people.”


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