999 call for the NHS

Saturday 16 August will see an army of NHS supporters set off from Jarrow in the North East to march to London in support of a publicly-provided health service that is free at the point of use.

UNISON is supporting the 999 Call for the NHS people’s march, part of a campaign started by a group of mothers from Darlington.

“We all need the NHS and now is the time to join the thousands already campaigning and work together to retain our NHS today and for future generations,” say the organisers.

“Used by us, owned by us, loved by us – now the NHS can only be saved by us.”

Following the basic route of the 1936 Jarrow Crusade for jobs, the People’s March for the NHS will head to Parliament, arriving in London on 6 Septenber.

Every night, the march will stop at towns and cities along the route, with rallies and other support action planned for each stop.

UNISON is urging members and branches to turn out and support the march – and even join in, whether it’s just for a mile or two, a day’s journey or even the full 300 miles.

Find out more details of the march, activities and how you can join in on the march website.

999 Call for the NHS