‘Use your vote’, health members urged

Dave Prentis calls on NHS members in England to use their vote as industrial action ballot opens

Care UK strikers lobby Bridgepoint again

Care UK strikers headed back to London today, to lobby parent company Bridgepoint Capital in their ongoing dispute over pay

Care UK strikers take pay dispute to London

‘This dispute is not going away any time soon’ say defiant care workers

999 call for the NHS

As NHS supporters march from Jarrow to London from 16 August, UNISON is urging members to back them

Care UK members set for new strike

UNISON members at Care UK in Doncaster will begin new strike action tomorrow for two weeks, after the company refused to even discuss a wage rise this year

UNISON wins support at Labour policy forum

UNISON has negotiated a series of amendments on key policy issues which will shape the Labour general election manifesto and programme in government

Meat hygiene ballot – background

UNISON members in the Food Standards Agency are set to ballot for industrial action on pay in the coming weeks, after the employer forced a 0.75% pay rise on them earlier this year

UNISON to launch public services manifesto

With less than a year to go to the general election, UNISON is launching its manifesto for public services

Taking the fair pay fight onto the streets

UNISON has hailed the local government strike as an overwhelming success, with more than one million public service workers on picket lines and at rallies in protest over their pay offer

A massive show of solidarity

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis has stressed that members have turned out in force for the strike today and that the massive show of solidarity from the members and the public alike shows that 1% is just not enough

Solidarity across the sea

Unions around the world send solidarity messages to UNISON strikers

Together we are strong

Across the union, UNISON members send solidarity to members on strike today

UNISON speaks out for strikers

Across the blogosphere and beyond, UNISON has been pulling out the stops to put the case for low-paid local government and school workers forced to strike on 10 July

Starter for J10

Local government and school support members are striking on Thursday for fair pay. Here are 10 reasons why 10 July is so important

Northern region gears up for #J10

Northern region UNISON members in local government and schools will be striking on 10 July against an offer which is derisory in the extreme