Solidarity across the sea

UNISON members striking for fair pay in England,Wales and Northern Ireland today are being backed by union colleagues across the world

European Federation of Publis Service Unions general secretary Jan Willen Goudriaan says: “Public services have kept the economy going.

“Why should they pay while the super-rich increase their wealth year on year? We wish the striking workers success.”

Italian public service workers in CGIL say: “We are with you, in the European work, in our fraternal relations, as well as UNISON has always been on the side of CGIL and Italian workers.”

Canadian public service union NUPGE is urging “the government to come to the table in good faith”.

And the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ) writes: “We fully support your demands of payment increase necessary to maintain the living standards of workers. Polish workers and trade unionists are together with you during this important action.”

And Dutch union Abvakabo wishes UNISON members “a very successful day of action” and Italian public services union CGIL says its members are “with UNISON in the front row”.

Philippines union federation SENTRO sends “sends our warmest and militant support for the protest actions being held by local government workers in UK, led by UNISON,” while South Korean public union KGEU “support UNISON local government members’ strike against pay cut to defend quality public services and we wish you win in solidarity”.

The Australian Services Union “wishes UNISON members the very best”, while South Korean union KGEU simply writes: “We wish you win in solidarity.”


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