LGBT conference applauds recruitment award winners

Vice president Carol Sewell hands out awards and urges delegates to continue the excellent work

Delegates stress the need to build the union through organising

Raising the union’s profile is “like joining a gym: you don’t buy your ticket and then sit around waiting to get fit”

Children attending UNISON's Christmas cinema screening in Inverclyde stand outside the cinema holding placards saying 'we demand popcorn'

Christmas cheer and charity

UNISON members are helping workplaces, their families and communities to warm up for the festive season

UNISON’s NEC nominates Dave Prentis

National Executive Council makes decision on opening day of nomination period

Setting up shop

A new kind of UNISON office is adding an extra dimension to the union’s organising

Dave Prentis cuts ribbon in front of resource centre, surrounded by members

General secretary opens UNISON shop in new Glasgow hospital

Let’s work together to make this new hospital a success,” general secretary Dave Prentis said as he opened a new UNISON shop in Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

New local government pay proposal explained

A new leaflet outlines what the Local Government Association’s latest pay proposal means for members

UNISON makes urgent commitment to the fragmented workforce

The plight of fragmented workers ‘goes to the heart of equality and fairness in the workplace’

Cutbacks in facility time forces activists to conduct “covert ops”

Cutbacks in facility time for local government are leaving activists feeling like they are “conducting covert ops” when they represent members who work for another employer, conference heard

Energy delegates cast their eye on ‘untapped markets’ for new members

Outsource centres and youth are the targets for national energy recruitment campaign

Get set for our spring recruitment drive

UNISON is gearing up for a further massive union-wide recruitment campaign this spring

‘Recruit a friend’ brings 500 new members into UNISON

UNISON announces the 24 winners of the autumn U Magazine recruitment challenge

Donate a tweet and celebrate teaching assistants

UNISON is organising a social media thunderclap to celebrate teaching and classroom assistants

‘There are many thousands to recruit’

Northern Ireland sets recruitment targets

Red Noses for recruitment

UNISON members combine recruitment with charity on Red Nose Day