‘Recruit a friend’ brings 500 new members into UNISON

Five hundred new UNISON members have been recruited as a result of U Magazine’s “recruit a friend” competition.

The impressive figure was revealed today, along with the 24 winners of the prize draw – 12 recruiters and the 12 new members they brought into the union.

The initiative was launched in the Autumn 2013 issue of the magazine. Members were invited to recruit a friend and submit each of their names to the prize draw by December.

Prizes include two holidays worth up to £1,200, two iPads, 10 Kindles and 10 digital cameras.

The winners of a prize holiday are Mrs Pamela Meadows of the Environment Agency South West branch, and the friend she recruited, Miss Charlotte Megan Smith of Devon County.

The iPad winners are Mrs AM Mason and Ms Sarah Hall, both of Leicestershire County branch.

Congratulations to those and the following winners of our other prizes, with an additional thanks to the recruiters and welcome to our new members.


Kindle winners

Ms Joanna C. Talbot and Mr Oban Skey (Nottingham City)

Mr Kevin Felton-Pitt (South Tyneside Local Government) and Mrs Jill Fenton-Pitt (County Durham Health)

Mrs June York and Ms Alison Armes (Nottinghamshire County)

Ms Kirstie Knowles and Ms Melissa Hoe (Calderdale)

Ms Laura Carter and Ms Susan Brook (Cheshire East)


Digital camera winners

Ms Elizabeth Dimond and Ms Sian Fox (NHS London)

Mr John Kennington and Mr Graham Webb (Scunthorpe Health Service)

Ms Karen Whitehead and Mrs Gillian Bamber (NHSBSA North West)

Mrs Rowena Watson and Mrs Belinda Farthing (Essex County)

Ms Mary Lowe (Liverpool Community & Hospitals Health) and Ms Katie Lowe (Liverpool Acute Hospitals)


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