Get the votes out – or face the music

Conference is warned if the Tories win the next election, their theme tune will be “you ain’t seen nothing yet”

Conference stresses importance of political education

Conference this morning called on the NEC to promote and develop political education, as they are central to engaging people in union activity

New MEP calls for a social Europe that will defend people

Theresa Griffin, who ousted BNP leader Nick Griffin from his European parliamentary seat in May, told the UNISON national delegate conference that we need a social Europe that is not just for the markets

Conference says we shall overcome politics of hate

UNISON conference says we shall overcome racism and the divisive and destructive politics of hate

UNISON quizzing both campaigns in Scottish referendum

NDC discussed the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum this morning, in a wide-ranging debate that challenged both campaigns

Delegates stress need for a Northern Ireland bill of rights

With violence on the rise once more, UNISON’s national delegate conference called for a proper bill of rights to help tackle sectarianism in Northern Ireland this morning

Conference agrees to raise awareness on mental health

UNISON’s conference called on the union this morning to increase its work on mental health awareness

NDC calls on Turkey to act after Soma disaster

The UNISON conference heard this morning that the Soma mining disaster in May highlighted what happens when private profits are treated as being more important than human lives

UNISON demands release of jailed Colombian trade unionist

Colombian government is ‘failing in its obligation to protect trade unionists’, delegates told

The 21st century witnessing ‘new forms of slavery’

PSI general secretary addresses national delegates conference with rallying call for ‘truly global fight’ for workers’ rights and public services

Conference hears of the impact of austerity on women

The national delegate conference backed a series of actions aimed at campaigning on the disproportionate impact of austerity on women

Delegates debate solutions to the housing crisis

In a debate on the housing crisis and its particular impact on women yesterday afternoon, conference agreed a programme of campaigning to tackle the problems

Conference agrees the place for women is in a union

Women are not on the verge of austerity – they are at its centre – and that’s why they need to be in a union

UNISON makes urgent commitment to the fragmented workforce

The plight of fragmented workers ‘goes to the heart of equality and fairness in the workplace’

Delegates highlight misuse of attendance management

National delegates conference warned that attendance management is a tool that can be used by employers to discriminate against disabled members