More Foundation Hospitals – UNISON Reaction


UNISON Wins Compensation for Low Paid Hospital Workers Dumped on Scrapheap by Private Contractors

UNISON, the UK’s largest union, has won a total of £225,000 for 29 cleaners and caterers after a six year battle against a private company which dismissed them and advertised the jobs on worse pay and conditions when it took over the service contract at Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust.

UNISON Chief Blasts Government Over Broken Pledge on Two-tier Workforce

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, will today (Friday) launch a broadside against the Government for failing to honour a promise made four year

Transport Worker Elected Vice President of the UK

Malcolm Cantello, 62, was today (25 June) elected as vice president of UNISON, the public sector union. He is a public relations officer for a subsidiary company of Centro, the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive and until December 2003 was branch secretary of the union

University Worker Elected President

Pauline Thorne, 57, Assistant Registrar at the University of Sussex, was today (Friday) elected President of the UK

Reid’s 5 year plan – UNISON reaction

UNISON, the UK’s largest health union, today welcomed plans to cut waiting lists and improve care for the chronically sick, but warned that by relying on the private sector to increase capacity, they are undermining and damaging the NHS.

UNISON Announces Result of Bob Cotton Award

A borough training and development officer whose voluntary work has contributed to human right in the UK and in Pakistan is the winner of UNISON

Student Visa Scam a Passport to Exploitation

UNISON is today calling for urgent Government action to close a serious legal loophole which is leaving overseas nurses at the mercy of unscrupulous employment agencies and vulnerable to exploitation.

Blair Public Service

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, said:

UNISON Calls for Equal Pay Before the Law for Police Staff

UNISON, the union representing 30,000 police staff is today calling for urgent action by the Police Staff Council to stamp out pay discrimination in the police force. The call comes in the wake of a new survey* which shows shocking and inexplicable differences in pay rates for the same job, from one force to the next.

New Training Partnership Launched For Trading Standards Staff


Survey Shows Marked Improvement for School Support Staff

The role of school support staff and recognition of the vital part they play in helping to educate our children is showing signs of marked improvement, according to a new survey* published today by UNISON, the UK

Latex Allergy Nurse Awarded £354,000 Compensation

Cardiff County Court has today awarded £240,000 compensation, with a further £114,000punitive interest, to UNISON member Alison Dugmore (37), who developed a life-threatening allergy to latex while working at two hospitals in Swansea. Alison was forced to give up nursing in December 1997 after she suffered a series of anaphylactic attacks as a result of using latex gloves coated with corn powder. She developed skin irritation and respiratory problems from the exposure and to this day has to carry an Òepi-penÓ with her in case she unwittingly comes into contact with latex.

Guide for Health Workers Aims to End Confusion About ‘Next of Kin’

“When my partner was diagnosed with Alzheimers, it was a devastating blow. What made matters even worse was having staff in the home and other health professionals continually querying who I was. I had power of attorney and we took the decision to tell staff about our relationship, but that didn’t stop them questioning whether I was the most appropriate person to make decisions about my partner’s affairs.”

Agenda for Change Timetable