Christina McAnea and four members deliver a petition to No10 Downing Street

Blog: Austerity only points to failure

Twelve years of the Tory ‘experiment’ of austerity have only seen sluggish growth and damaged public services – more of the same won’t suddenly produce better results

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: It is within their power to give NHS workers the pay they deserve

“This government let frontline workers take responsibility when times were at their toughest, but now it refuses to take responsibility for the things that are in its control”

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: The government paves the way for Austerity 2.0

‘Austerity affects peoples’ lives so profoundly that its legacy can last for generations’

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: The EU law bill – a Halloween nightmare from Downing Street

A bonfire of employment rights might thrill right-wing ideologues, but it would be a nightmare for workers – and particularly working women

Green box with purple outline, tilted at a slight angle on a white background in the left half of the rectangle. Words 'vote yes for the NHS' in purple and white. Background is white, with UNISON logo at top right and in green at bottom right

Blog: Vote ‘yes’ for your futures and the future of our NHS

The current health secretary says nurses can like it or lump it on the below-inflation pay offer, but that’s not good enough. NHS staff – and the service itself – need much better

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: The menopause really is a workplace issue

UNISON is marking World Menopause Day by stressing that just a few changes in the working environment can make the world of difference to working women

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Taking our cost of living campaign to a wider audience

From the picket line to the heart of government, help to make sure that our members’ voices are heard

Christina McAnea

Blog: The £60bn gamble with the future of our country

Today’s budget is proof the money exists. But the political will to help working people doesn’t

Christina McAnea adressing local government conference

Blog: The time to act on the cost of living is now, prime minister

Millions of working people have been failed by this government for too long, as Liz Truss takes over from the self-aggrandising, debasing Boris Johnson

Christina McAnea

Blog: A broken system – in our economy and in social care

Let’s show solidarity with members at St Monica Trust care homes, who are taking strike action as their employer tries to fire and rehire them

Christina McAnea

Blog: Help us fight back against the government’s ‘Rights Removal Bill’

The Westminster government has deliberately used negative stereotypes to pass a bill that will remove our basic human rights.

Christina McAnea

Blog: I urge members to make sure they have their say on pay

Scottish health members, together with those working for the Environment Agency, both provide vital services, which need to be properly funded

Portrait of Christina McAnea

When we have no choice but to strike

As the cost of living crisis shows no signs of easing, our right to strike is more important than ever

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: The Tory leadership race

These live debates have given us an unusual close-up of the Tories’ division, chaos and incompetence, and a front row view of their dying days in Westminster

Christina McAnea and fellow trade unionists outside the court in Ankara

Blog: UNISON is standing together with our friends in Turkey

In a court in Ankara, I saw first-hand how the Turkish state is determined to deny justice to trade unionists accused of ‘terrorism’ for doing their union duties