EU law bill: Disability protections under threat

Retained EU Law Bill could lead to “a shameful step backwards for disability equality at work”

Women in Glasgow striking for equal pay

The workers’ protections set to be thrown on the Brexit bonfire

With its Retained EU Law Bill, the government intends to rip workers’ protections out of the UK law books. Find out what this means, and what you can do to stop it

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Rishi Sunak

Retained EU Law Bill: UNISON demands Rishi Sunak guarantee workers’ protections

In a letter to the prime minister, Christina McAnea writes: ‘Government should be creating stability and certainty – not a bonfire of workers’ rights and decades of legal wrangling.’

Shantha David

Retained EU Law Bill: UNISON gives expert evidence in Parliament

Head of legal services, Shantha David, presented UNISON’s submission, telling the committee that the bill “will strip out some very basic employment rights.”

Lady justice

Workers’ protections at risk as EU Law bill moves through Parliament

The bill now moves to committee stage, where UNISON will submit expert evidence on why a bonfire of workers’ rights is a bad idea

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: The EU law bill – a Halloween nightmare from Downing Street

A bonfire of employment rights might thrill right-wing ideologues, but it would be a nightmare for workers – and particularly working women

Graphic representation of five silhouette heads of diverse women

The Retained EU Law Bill: An attack on working women

“Jacob Rees-Mogg is determined to throw women back to the ’70s. UNISON, and the 1.3 million people who make up our membership, will not stand to let this happen”