Christina McAnea

Blog: Why it’s time to say YES to NHS pay

It’s important that as many health members as possible vote to have their say

Government must act urgently on NHS pay to bring record waiting times down, says UNISON

The NHS is in danger of reaching the point of no return.

Strike vote is loud wake-up call to the government, says UNISON  

A strike across the NHS this winter isn’t inevitable.

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: It is within their power to give NHS workers the pay they deserve

“This government let frontline workers take responsibility when times were at their toughest, but now it refuses to take responsibility for the things that are in its control”

Hundreds of workers lobby Parliament for better pay

UNISON members join the TUC’s ‘We Demand Better’ lobby and rally, urging MPs to do the right thing over the cost of living crisis