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UNISON represents people employed in all areas of local government. We make sure the needs and rights of workers in this sector and related public services in our service group are recognised and defended. By working together within UNISON, local government workers can achieve more.


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  • Local government pay


    For four years local government workers have suffered a pay freeze and local government pay is now worth 10% less than in 1997. Find out how UNISON is campaigning for a fair deal on pay for local government workers and how you can add your support.

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  • Youth and community pay

    Youth and community workers' pay has fallen in real terms for many years. Find out how UNISON is negotiating and campaigning for better pay for these workers.

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An austerity audit

Coalition cuts to local communities in England since 2010

Austerity graphic

A report outlining the true impact of the cuts on local services and the people that provide them.

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UNISON is working to defend good pension schemes and improve and promote affordable, decent pensions for all our members.

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