End Violence at Work Charter

Has your employer made the commitment to end violence at work and signed UNISON’s charter?

To qualify for the UNISON Violence At Work Charter mark, employers must meet the following standards:

  1. The employer has a written violence and aggression at work policy, which is available to all staff. The policy should also cover lone working.
  2. Responsibility for implementing these policies lies with a senior manager.
  3. Measures are taken to reduce staff working in isolated buildings, offices or other work areas to a minimum.
  4. Staff are encouraged to report all violent incidents and they are told how to do this.
  5. The employer collects and monitors data on violent incidents on a regular and ongoing basis.
  6. Where they are in place, union safety reps are able to access this data and are consulted on solutions to issues relating to violence in the workplace.
  7. Thorough risk assessments are conducted for staff placed in vulnerable situations.
  8. The employer has support pathways in place for staff who are victims of violence at work, so that they know where to turn for advice and support.
  9. Training to ensure staff are aware of the appropriate way to deal with threatening situations.
  10. Where appropriate, independent counselling services are available to staff who are the victims of violence at work.

If you work in Local government and want to get your employer signed up, download a copy of the UNISON Violence at Work charter and speak to your local UNISON branch.